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Rent Our Space

Classroom Rental

  • Two classrooms are available for rentals at an hourly rate (2 hour minimum)

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Theatre Space Rental

Included in Rental


  • Black box theatre
    • 600 square feet of playing space
    • up to 9 chairs for use on stage
    • placement options for curtains
  • 70 seats
    • audience on two sides
    • up to 6 additional chairs available for audience seating
  • Light
    • basic lighting included- warm wash with front light
    • independent dimmer controlled house lights
    • work lights as needed
  • Sound
    • 3 speaker, dual amp sound system
    • QLab Pro, run on Mac desktop
    • ¼” or headphone jack available to run off iPod or other portable sound equipment
  • Projections
    • NEC Digital Projector with VGA, RCA, and USB inputs
    • 9’ x 6’ portable screen
    • Refurbished Mac Mini (~2005) available for projections

Please contact awalker@piventheatre.org for rates and questions about theatre space rental.

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