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History of PP

2018 Performance Project: I Am My Neighborhood

February 12 – 17, 2018

Directors: Donna Osowski, Gillian Hemme, Liz Bell

Ensemble: Nora Hill, Laini Sharifi, Gwen Tucker, Molly Ferguson, Annie Frakel, Casey Bond, Daria Volkova, Kalman Slater, Lily Aaron, Emma Barker, Daniella Escobar, Isabella Escobar, Zoe Kaufman, Maggia Stutz, Eloisa Tirres,

Stage Manager: Andie Fitch

Lighting Designer: Jonah White

Scenic Designer: Evan Frank

A Village of Fools: A Jewish Folktale

Director: Liz Bell

Cast: Annie Frankel, Casey Bond, Daria Volkova, Kalman Slater, Lily Aaron

Our adaptation explores the unique characters that make up this village and how, time and time again, they come together to face challenges, inspire each other with new ideas, and celebrate their authentic community through play and imagination. One particular challenge leaves them stumped, but with the support of their village they refuse to give up.

Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood

Author: Rebecca Wells

Director: Gillian Hemme

Cast: Nora Hill, Laini Sharifi, Gwen Tucker, and Molly Ferguson

The House on Mango Street Four Vignettes: The House on Mango Street, Our Good Day, Four Skinny Trees , Mango Says Goodbye Sometime

Author: Sandra Cisneros

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast: Emma Barker, Daniella Escobar, Isabella Escobar, Zoe Kaufman, Maggie Stutz, Eloisa Tirres

In selected vignettes from Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street, Esperanza Cordero’s ideas of who she is and what she wants for herself are influenced by her experiences and the Latino Chicago neighborhood that she lives in. Stories filled with hope, disappointment, joy and determination for who she will become.


2017 Performance Project: The Princess Who Stood On Her Own Two Feet and Other Stories

February 6 – 11, 2017

Directors: Donna Osowski, Gillian Hemme, Abby Pierce and Joanne Underwood

Ensemble: Lily Aaron, Gabi Bellows, Ferdinand Centeno,  Sara Collins, Abby Diamond,  Rebecca Dubey, Natalee Hapaniewski,  Tyler Knohl, John Osburn,  Sean Perrine,  Ella Sciortino, Laini Sharifi , Kalman Slater,  Maggie Stutz,  Amanda Thorsberg, Eloisa Tirres

Stage Manager: Brendan Stallings

Lighting Designer: RB “Mickie” Marie

Scenic Designer: Milo Bue

The Princess Who Stood on her Own Two Feet

Author: Jeanne Desy

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast: Sara Collins, Tyler Knohl, John Osburn, Sean Perrine, Ella Sciortino, and Maggie Stutz

A smart and beautiful Princess dreams of marrying a Prince. Instead she finds out what true friendship and love are from an unexpected source and she comes to know her own self-worth.

The Myth of Atalanta

Director: Gillian Hemme

Cast: Gabi Bellows, Ferdinand Centeno, Laini Sharifi, Kalman Slater, and Eloisa Tirres

Bright and swift Atalanta outruns the patriarchy.

The Moon Ribbon

Author: Jane Yolen, with permission from Curtis Brown Ltd

Directors: Abby Pierce and Joanne Underwood

Cast: Lily Aaron, Abby Diamond, Rebecca Dubey, Natalee Hapaniewski, and Amanda Thorsberg

A magical ribbon weaves together generations of mothers and daughters to protect one young girl.

2016 Performance Project

A Stranger at the Table: Stories of Insiders and Outsiders

February 8-13, 2016

Directors: Joanne Underwood, Donna Osowski, and Gillian Hemme

Ensemble: Gabi Bellows, Sara Collins, Lili Daskais, Robin Eckensberger, Hannah Frazer, Natalee Hapaniewski, Ivan Harrington, Lily Michaud, Nayelli Reyna, Caden Robertson, Aliah Robinson, Ella Sciortino, Seamus Scott, Frankie Sobel, Maggie Stutz, Margaret Waldman, Jacob Wilson, Mary Xakellis

All Summer in a Day

Author: Ray Bradbury

Based on the short story ALL SUMMER IN A DAY by Ray Bradbury, (c)1954 by Ray Bradbury, renewed 1982 by Ray Bradbury. Performed by permission of Don Congdon Associates, Inc.

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast: Robin Eckensberger, Hannah Frazer, Natalee Hapaniewski, Lily Michaud, Aliah Robinson, Mary Xakellis

The Frog Prince

Director:  Gillian Hemme

Cast: Nayelli Reyna, Ella Sciortino, Seamus Scott, Frankie Sobel, Maggie Stutz, Jacob Wilson

Hans My Hedgehog

Director: Joanne Underwood

Cast: Gabi Bellows, Sara Collins, Lili Daskais, Ivan Harrington, Caden Robertson, Margaret Waldman

2015 Performance Project

Into Something Rich and Strange

February 2-7, 2015

Directors: Joanne Underwood, Donna Osowski, Sarah Bendix

Ensemble: Annabella Bhote, Aidan Cahill, Sean Collins, Lili Daskais, Sarah Douglas, Robin Eckensberger, Chelsea Erickson, Talia Goerge-Karron, Ivan Harrington, Sally Kozminski, Bruno Nobile, Maya Parks, Rachel Santellano, Zosia Smal, Frankie Sobel, Julian Stankovic, Mattias Vanderwerf, Mary Xakellis

Many Moons

Author: James Thurber

Copyright © 1943 by Rosemary A. Thurber. Reprinted by arrangement with Rosemary A. Thurber and The Barbara Hogenson Agency. All rights reserved. To learn more about James Thurber, go to www.ThurberHouse.org.

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast: Annabella Bhote, Robin Eckensberger, Ivan Harrington, Sally Kozminski, Zosia Smal, Mattias Vanderwerf, Mary Xakellis

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Excerpt from Act 3, Scene 2

Author: William Shakespeare

Director: Joanne Underwood

Cast: Sean Collins, Talia Goerge-Karron, Rachel Santellano, Julian Stankovic

The 50 Yard Dash

Author: William Saroyan

Director: Sarah Bendix

Cast: Aidan Cahill, Lili Daskais, Sarah Douglas, Chelsea Erickson, Bruno Nobile, Maya Parks, Frankie Sobel

2014 Performance Project

A Glimpse of the Unseen: Wizards, Dragons, and the Beauty Beneath

November 18-23, 2014

Directors: Joanne Underwood, Morven Higgins, Donna Osowski

Ensemble: Hannah Andersen, Sarah Douglas, Mia Drelich, Joey Eovaldi, Vivienne Falls, Isabella Gartner, Talia George-Karron, Caroline Hughes, Sally Kozminski, Bailey Lawrence, Hannah Litchman, Jane Shea Mannard, Bruno Nobile, Nina Sachs, Paul Simmons, Isaac Slomski-Pritz, Julian Stankovic, Katie Uttal, Ethan Wilensky

Paperbag Princess

By Robert Munsch

Director: Joanne Underwood

Cast: Vivienne Falls, Sally Kozminski, Bailey Lawrence, Paul Simmons, Julian Stankovic, Ethan Wilensky

Elsa and the Evil Wizard

Adapted from the Swedish folk tale

Director: Morven Higgins

Cast: Hannah Andersen, Isabella Gartner, Caroline Hughes, Hannah Litchman, Jane Mannard, Bruno Nobile

The Ugly Duckling

A Fairy Tale

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast: Sarah Douglas, Mia Drelich, Joey Eovaldi, Talia George-Karron, Nina Sachs, Isaac Slomski-Pritz, Katie Uttal

2013 Performance Project

Troublemakers:Stories of Mistakes & Consequences

March 11 – 16, 2013

Directors: Morven Higgins, Joanne Underwood, Donna Osowski,

Ensemble: Miles Allen, Bari Bloom, Audrey Brown, Celia Buckman, Maxine Costello, Mia Drelich, Joey Eovaldi, Jaiden Fallo Sauter, Isabella Gartner, Jamie Hendler, Isabel Isaacson, Sally Kozminski, Hannah Litchman, Jane Shea Mannard, Bruno Nobile, Nina Sachs, Paul Simmons, Katie Uttal

Stage Manager: Chad Duda

A Nice Old Fashioned Romance, with Love Lyrics and Everything

Author: William Saroyan

Used with permission of the Trustees of Leland Stanford Junior University

Director: Morven Higgins

Asst. Director: Jamie Hendler

Cast: Miles Allen, Celia Buckman, Joey Eovaldi, Isabella Gartner, Jane Shea Mannard, Bruno Nobile

The Black Geese

a Russian Folk Tale

Director:Joanne Underwood

Cast: Audrey Brown, Jaiden Fallo Sauter, Mia Drelich, Isabel Isaacson, Nina Sachs, Katie Uttal

Jill and the Beanstalk

Adapted from the English folk tale, Jack and the Beanstalk

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast: Bari Bloom, Maxine Costello, Sally Kozminski, Hannah Litchman, Paul Simmons

2012 Performance Project

Spinning Tales

March 12 – 17, 2012

Directors: Donna Osowski, Morven Higgins, Joanne Underwood

Ensemble: Livvie Avrick, Nathaniel Bernstein, Bari Bloom,  Audrey Brown, Celia Buckman, Emma Chanen,  Colleen Dougherty, Jaiden Fallo Sauter, Taris Hoffman, Isabel Isaacson, James Jin, Hannah Litchman,  Drew McCauley, Richard Medina, Benjamin Medina,  Jason Plotnik, Nina Sachs, Katie Uttal

Stage Manager: Chad Duda


From the oral tradition, previously performed in ’76 & ‘96

Director: Donna Osowski

Cast:  Audrey Brown, Celia Buckman, Drew McCauley, Richard Medina, Benjamin Medina, Jason Plotnik

Briar Rose

From the oral tradition, previously performed in ‘84

Director: Morven Higgins

Cast: Livvie Avrick, Nathaniel Bernstein, Bari Bloom, Jaiden Fallo Sauter, James Jin, Nina Sachs

Bad Characters

Author: Jean Stafford, originally performed in ‘89

Director: Joanne Underwood

Cast: Emma Chanen, Colleen Dougherty, Taris Hoffman, Isabel Isaacson, Hannah Litchman, Katie Uttal

2011 Performance Project


March 7 – 12, 2011

Directors: Joanne Underwood, Becky McNamara, Donna Osowski

Ensemble: Rania Adamczyk, Talia Adams, Sarah Aiken,  Colleen Alonzi, Livvie Avrick, Nathaniel Bernstein,  Emma Chanen, Colleen Dougherty, Jaiden Fallo Sauter, Angie Fierro, Rebecca Figlio,            Lily Fiske, Grace Gaffney, Elisa Germond, Taris Hoffman, Fiona Maxwell,  Adam Rothschild, Remy Spadaro

Stage Manager: Chad Duda

Production Designer: Rich Bryant

Production Manager: Jodi Gottberg

2010 Performance Project

Witches, Wolves & Puppy Stew – Whatever Will Our Heroines Do?

March 15th– 20th, 2010

Directors: Donna Osowski , Joanne Underwood, Becky McNamara

Ensemble: Rania Adamczyk, Emily Adams, Talia Adams, Gabrielle Aiden, Sarah Aiken, Livvie Avrick, Molly Bires, Chris Collins, JoJo Cottle, Rebecca Figlio, Lily Fiske, Ashleigh Jerkatis, Hannah Klaeser, Fiona Maxwell, Noor Qasim, Aly Sklare, Remy Spadaro

Stage Manager: Ethan Ucker

2009 Performance Project

In A Fairy Tale WorldLives A Melancholy Girl, A Princess Who Persists, & A Frog Who Won’t be Dissed!

February 9th– 14th, 2009

Directors: Donna Osowski, Joanne Underwood, Jessie Mills

Ensemble: Emily Adams,Talia Adams, Jonah Andrews, Keegan Atkin, Sam Baum, Samantha Dammeyer, Lily Fiske, Ashleigh Jerkatis, Hannah Klaeser, Olivia Landon, Liam Lundy, Noor Qasim, Marion Raud, Olivia Rowe, Alyson Sklare, Kaleb Sullivan, Warren Weber

Stage Manager: Elizabeth Grantner


2008 Performance Project


February 11th– 16th, 2008

Directors:Sarah Bendix, Donna Osowski, Emelia Zuckerman

Ensemble:Claire Aichholzer, Keegan Atkin, Grace Cable, Nathan Halman, Talia Jacobson, Jordan Kindle, Olivia Landon, Nadia Miecznikowski, Jack McCarthy, Olivia Rowe, Alyson Sklare, Anne Soler, Kaleb Sullivan, Marta Villalobos, Teddy Ward, Warren Weber

Stage Manager:  Elizabeth Grantner


2007 Performance Project

Tall Tales

Febuary 11-16, 2007

Directors:  Sarah Bendix, Tom Herman, Claire Byrnes

Ensemble: Aine Burke, Grace Cable, Aaron Gregory , Hanna Gregory, Sam Hersh, Jacqueline Kandsberger, Sophie LaCava, Kelsey Murphy-Miles, Isa Qasim, Marta Villalobos, Layne Drinkwater, Maeli Goren, Mitchel Hochberg, Alexandra Kariotis, Nadia Miecznikowski, Teddy Ward

Assistant Director: Lisa Wiznitzer


2005: Performance Project

Heroes…The Least Expected

Directors: Mikalina Majewski, Sarah Bendix, Tom Herman

Ensemble: Julian Allen, Alex Block,  Sean Buckley, Aliya Charney, Emmanuel Egwu,  Jordan Harris, Austen Hughes, Sammy Marks,  Nik Mitseff, Clare Nelson-Johnson, Whitney Nudo,  Ani Poladian, Eric Robb, Shizue Roche-Adachi, Ellery Ruben, Dina Soloveychik, Zeke Spector, Ian Wirth


2004 Performance Project

The Underdog!

Directors: Susan Applebaum, Mikalina Majewski, Sarah Bendix

Ensemble: Julian Allen, Emmanuel Egwu, Rose Leisner, Chelsea Link, Samantha Marks, Adam Michaels, Nina Pesavento, Matthew Schorsch, Abby Doyle, Jordan Harris, Nik Mitseff, Clare Nelson-Johnson, Randi Potekin,  Anne Ruggirello, Olivia Wiley, Ian Wirth