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Current Season

current season theatre productionsOur 2019/2020 Season: RESILIENCE

It is with great pride we announce Piven Theatre Workshop’s 2019–2020 season of art, activism, and community conversation: The Resilience Season.

RESILIENCE: To recover, rebound, repair, snap back. To persevere and carry on. To compromise or resist, to adapt or overcome, to reconcile or transcend.

How do we respond, as individuals and as communities, when adversity puts us to the test? What do we do to survive trauma, be it physical, psychological or political? Where do we find the resilience to withstand defeat and disappointment, injustice and inhumanity, confusion and controversy?

The term “resilience” has become prominent in our current conversations about personal and social wounds and how to recognize and heal them, but the stories of resilience are as old as human endurance. In the 2019-20 season, Piven Theatre Workshop will explore some of those stories. We’ll investigate the courage and hope that feed resilience, as well as the transformation—of the world or just one corner of it—that resilience can bring about.