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cove schoolPiven Theatre Workshop has offered in-school theatre residencies as well as after school classes for the Cove School community since 2008. In-school theatre residencies have incorporated Piven’s signature improvisation and games-based curriculum into Cove’s Communication Skills classes, helping students develop their public speaking abilities, speech-related skills, and speaking confidence.

Piven’s ongoing after school classes give Cove students the opportunity to learn Piven’s legendary training technique. Students gain a comprehensive taste of our curriculum, focused on theatre games, improvisation, ensemble building, and creative expression.

in-school theatre residencies

The Cove School provides highly individualized education and life strategies for students with learning disabilities.

A private K – 12 day school, Cove is a national leader in educating students with learning disabilities. Cove was founded by pioneers in the field of learning disabilities in 1947. Cove provides students from diverse backgrounds with an individual educational experience in a safe and respectful environment.

Cove’s dual purpose is to provide students with customized learning strategies to complete an academic curriculum and to facilitate development of their social, emotional and self-advocacy skills.

Cove’s approach to learning creates an environment for students to build the self-confidence necessary to make a successful transition to their community schools, or to make post-secondary choices.

in-school theatre residencies