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Studies have shown that people can improve their communication skills and lower their anxiety with regular practice. Improv’s low-stakes training increases the likelihood that team members will feel comfortable communicating in a variety of work situations. “Yes, and” is the key.

Jess Scinto

"Why Improvisation Training Is Great Business Training", Forbes Magazine, 2014

Piven is committed to giving you a customized experience that fits the needs of your team. Here are some ways we use the world of improv to help make your team stronger.

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Say YES and see what we can create together!

Why is it important?

Piven brings high energy back into your organization and teams.  It was a break from the normal activity that we normally do in various leadership and office-wide meetings.  We invited Piven to Chicago, Detroit and Toronto — each city brought them into different types of meetings.  In Toronto — it was a leadership meeting with about 25 people, in Detroit, we made it a 45-minute activity as part of a Quarterly Town Hall Office meeting and in Chicago, we did small sessions with people over an afternoon,  Today, the teams use the theater games as energizers when meetings need them most.  It is not only memorable experience for your teams, it gives your teams the space and focus to elevate their thinking and create connected experiences.

Alyssa Altman

SVP, Publicis Sapient

At Piven, we know that group success is due to the effectiveness of an ensemble rather than the talents of simultaneous individuals. Here are some of the ways a Piven training session will help your team.

Why Piven?

Piven Theatre Workshop was founded on the principle that a performance’s success is due to the effectiveness of an ensemble’s interactions rather than the talents of a collection of simultaneous individual performers. The ability to read, anticipate, listen, respond, support, take risks, yield, engage, contribute, navigate ambiguity, and function as a coordinated group is the foundation of both epic performances and participant self-actualization. Therefore, for over 45 years, Piven Theatre Workshop has annually trained thousands of youth and adults in developing these skills.

Founders Joyce and Byrne Piven were among the handful of performance legends that created the format we now call Improvisation. Improvisation is both a set of exercises designed to build the interactive skills of a group as well as lay out the process for creative ideation. Therefore, it’s no wonder that businesses are finding that Piven Theatre Workshop’s Corporate Skills Training provides them with a unique competitive advantage. Piven’s training program has served a wide range of organizations—from companies as large and fast-paced as Google to smaller, more local municipalities, agencies and associations, and every size in between. These companies are leveraging Piven Theatre Workshop’s inter-team skill-building workshops for immediate improvements in organizational culture/dynamics, growth and market position, customer engagement, new business development, and innovation in product and service development and delivery.

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