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Winter/Spring Adult Classes

Spring 2022 Classes

“Every day I realize more and more that my ability to hear and really understand the spoken word, and my love for bringing life to the written word, does not come from anything I learned in school.  It all comes from Byrne and Joyce Piven.”

Murphy Monroe

Alum / Executive Director, Actors Gymnasium

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Storybox with Special Guest Instructor Jonathan Pitts Thursdays, 6:30 to 8:30PM

April 28th to June 2nd

Using only wooden sticks, colored pieces of cloth, and a single audience suggestion, this highly talented ensemble of theatre artists creates an original story that is performed only once for each audience. Utilizing movement, scene-work, and transformations to develop the arc of the story, they develop characters, motifs, and themes into a performance featuring evocative improvised environments, imagery, music, ritual, sub-stories, and stage tableaus that bring the audience along on the main character’s epic and personal journey.

Storybox is a wonderfully imaginative two-act fully improvised theatre production inspired by Second City Co-Founder Paul Sills’ Tony award-winning Broadway show Story Theater, Keith Johnstone’s improvisational narrative techniques, as well as the poetry and ritual of Japan’s Noh Theatre to create a single story improvised from multiple narrations and sub-stories. Other influences on Storybox’s creation are the transformational theatre works of Robert LaPage and the epic universal storytelling of mythology from Joseph Campbell.

Improvisation, Games, and Risk-Taking  Tuesdays, 6:30 to 8:00PM

April 12 to May 17

Want to know what Piven is all about? Are you interested in getting into a theater class, shaking off the dust, and activating your creativity? This class allows students to discover the Piven Technique by learning theatre games and improvisation in a fun, supportive, ensemble-based environment. Perfect for all students looking to discover and re-discover our work!

Stay tuned for more spring offerings!