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Winter/Spring Adult Classes

Winter/Spring 2021 Classes

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“Every day I realize more and more that my ability to hear and really understand the spoken word, and my love for bringing life to the written word, does not come from anything I learned in school.  It all comes from Byrne and Joyce Piven.”

Murphy Monroe

Alum / Executive Director, Actors Gymnasium

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Creative Wellness: Meditation, Making, and Myth
with Mikalina Rabinsky

Thursdays, 7 to 8:30pm
Feb 11 to March 18


In this class we will explore making and meditation through the lens of mythology as tools for our own creative practice. We will feature short, guided meditations and creative exercises to plant and nurture seeds exploring one’s self as a maker in community. Each participant may bring in a current project or develop a project in class. Using Joyce Piven’s concept of encounter we will explore the ways in which our making can deepen by getting to the heart of transformation and our own truths as humans and artists. Projects could include but are not limited to: short films/scripts, puppetry, painting, drawing, sculpture, writing, knitting, needlepoint, baking, music, song making… What you make is your own hero’s journey. Join for the exploration through the labyrinth, into the woods and through the underworld and back.

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