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Winter Adult Classes

Winter 2020 Classes

Spring Session I: 2/10 – 3/19

“Every day I realize more and more that my ability to hear and really understand the spoken word, and my love for bringing life to the written word, does not come from anything I learned in school.  It all comes from Byrne and Joyce Piven.”

Murphy Monroe

Alum / Executive Director, Actors Gymnasium

Session I

Improvisation, Games, and Risk Taking with Artistic Director Jen Green
(Core Technique)

Tuesdays 7:00-9:00pm


Are you interested in getting out of your comfort zone, shaking off the dust, and activating your creativity?  This class gives students the chance to discover the Piven Technique by learning theatre games and improvisation in a fun, supportive, ensemble-based environment. Perfect for anyone who wants to try something new! This class is intergenerational, and we warmly welcome adults of all ages to join us.

This class been popular with teachers, social workers, and anyone else who has to think on their feet for a living.

Piven Scene Study with Robin Chaplik

Wednesdays 7:00 to 10:00 PM


Building on the skills developed in our other adult programs, in this advanced class, students with acting experience use Piven improvisation and games to unlock spontaneity and take scene work to the next level. Each session has a different focus, be it a particular skill for the actor, like character development or text work, or material from a particular play or playwright.

There’s always a new depth I find as an actor when I take class with Robin.” – Piven Artist Eldridge Shannon

Improv, Theatre Games, and Story with Mikalina Rabinsky
(Core Training)

Thursdays 7:00pm-9:00pm


Learn Piven’s core improvisational technique and apply it to scripted stories. Each session of the class is centered on a different theme. Past themes have included stories of the sea, family relationships, and magical realism. Under the expert instruction of a senior teacher, students will create and perform stories by focusing on text exploration, subtext, dialogue and narration. Open to new and returning students.