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Adult Classes

Our programming includes adult theatre classes for students of all skill and experience levels, from those looking to explore a new creative outlet to the seasoned performer eager to be challenged by Piven’s legendary theatre training technique. Each of our adult theatre classes is designed to be taken multiple times.

Click here for Summer 2024 online registration and scholarship forms are available here!

For more information on ways to register for acting classes for adults, including scholarship information, payment plan information, and non-credit card payment methods, please call the Piven office at 847 866 6597.

Tuition listed is per session.

“It is hard for me to imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t met Byrne and Joyce Piven.  It is hard to define what great teachers give to one as an actor but there are two things that Byrne and Joyce taught me that have always stood me in good stead.  One is a sense of play.  Two is no matter how lost or disconnected you may feel in a scene there is always a magic conduit you can reconnect to and that is your fellow actors.  The ability to listen.  I will be forever grateful to Byrne and Joyce for this and so much more.”

Aidan Quinn

Alum / Actor

“The Piven Theatre Workshop taught me how to commit, take risks, and believe in myself.”

Ben Silverstein


“I learned from Joyce Piven that theatre games could include everyone all the time. She is a teacher who offers praise for steps in the direction of risky truth, and of courage in personal interactions.”

Karen Fort

Alum / Educator